Rich & Royal cares about the future of our planet. That is why charity has a high value for us as a company.

The well-being of our fellow human beings is close to Rich & Royal's heart. Therefore Rich & Royal supports various social projects with financial means.

The fundraising campaign for Viva con Agua, which Rich & Royal carried out at the PREMIUM trade fair in Berlin, is just one example of our social commitment.

For 10 years, the St. Pauli-based association has been committed to ensuring that people around the world have access to clean drinking water. In order to achieve this goal, Viva con Agua supports a wide range of projects and campaigns at home and abroad, spreading a great deal of joie de vivre. The water projects supported by the association are sustainable and always include the components of sanitation and hygiene.

Spendenaktion von Rich & Royal für Viva con Agua auf der PREMIUM Messe in Berlin

The PREMIUM fair in Berlin was the perfect opportunity for Rich & Royal to support the association. With the help of many visitors to the fair, the association was able to provide clean drinking water for around 300 people in the slums of Bahir Dar in Ethiopia. If you would also like to help, Viva con Agua offers you many more possibilities on the website. Every kind of engagement brings us closer to the goal of a world supplied with clean water!

Rich & Royal unterstützte bereits Viva con Agua

Rich & Royal also supports Charity with monetary means or by providing goods.